Freedom of Speech Questioned at Smith’s College.

Wendy Kaminer an expert on the First Amendment was discussing whether or not the (according to how she called it) “the n-word” was appropriate in our times to call African Americans. This happened during a discussion of freedom of speech at Smith’s college. Kaminer was then accused of being racist for using the word inappropriately and the President of the School was condemn for not doing anything about the comments. Wendy Kaminer defended herself by saying that she was discussing the word in an academic setting therefore should be okay; however the person who accused her of making the racism comment argued that the action was ”

Racism/racial slurs, ableist slurs, antisemitic language, anti-Muslim/Islamophobic language, anti-immigrant language, sexist/misogynistic slurs, references to race-based violence, references to antisemitic violence.”

“The article is from



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