Freedom of speech vs. hate speech

AccusationIn this article at a Long wood college campus chants , nooses , and racial slurs were posted on a bulletin board for everyone to see.  Even though this is wrong and clearly a little offensive ,“It is really hard to differentiate between hate speech and free speech,” said Longwood Director of Citizen Leadership and social justice education Jonathan Page. We cant be racist to other races but that doesn’t mean that we can stop someone from saying it. The law clearly states that governing bodies have the right to exclude somethings as freedom of speech.Page brought up the factor of discriminating/fighting words. The Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, U.S. Supreme Court case of 1942, created a ‘fighting words doctrine.’ It says “words, which would likely make the person whom they are addressed, commit an act of violence are not shielded by the First Amendment.” But still to this day it has not been clarified list of “fighting words” . Even though the campus policies don’t promote the discrimination of one single race or person doesn’t mean someone is going to do it or they might not find it offensive. Remember it is always good to respond to these speeches in a formal matter bringing attention to it rather then reacting in a malicious manner.

Lyles, Travis ( 2015 April 1) Freedom of speech vs. hate speech. Retrieved (2015 April 21) from



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