Hate Speech Hypocrites

muslims-carrying-banners-declaring-islam-will-dominate-the-world-protest-at-the-visit-of-mr-wilders-to-the-ukThere has been an ongoing characterization of all non-white races in America. Mostly from Muslims , who are looked upon as terrorist, and blacks who are looked up as causing too many hate crimes.  In this article it talks about how those characterizations are violating the laws against hate speeches. Upset also by a video made by anti-Muslims , Muslim leaders would eventually want these laws enforced.  At a U.N meeting in February , Muslims lobbied for tighter censorship , causing Egypt president to add that freedom of speech shouldn’t be paired with comments to directing insult a specific group because of others mistakes. President Obama was protecting the video in a defense of freedom of speech and he had Switzerland’s president backing him up stating that “Freedom of opinion and of expression are ore values guaranteed universally that must be protected.” Basically stating that is doesn’t matter if someone is directly discriminating against somebody violating laws because freedom of speech is guaranteed. Just remember this debate for recreation isn’t a crisis but is a ever growing process towards all around unification in the world. Waking up the people to the fact that just because we have the right to freedom of speech doesn’t mean we can express hate deliberately.

Saletan ,William (2012 September 2012) “How can we ban hate speech against Jews while defending mockery of Muslims?”Retrived (2015 April 20 2015) from http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/frame_game/2012/09/free_speech_vs_hate_speech_why_is_it_legal_to_insult_muslims_but_not_jews_.html


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