Hate Speech or Freedom of Speech?

imrs.phpEarlier this month, pianist Valentina Lisista was scheduled to perform at the Rachmaninoff 2nd concerto with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. However, her performance was canceled due to a post the artist had made on her twitter account. She is said to have made a deeply offensive comment regarding the ongoing conflict in her native the Ukraine. Lists is on the side of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians who represent the majority in the Crimea. She along with others that stands on the side that she represents oppose the current Ukrainian leadership. Her posts on Twitter characterize Ukrainians as Nazis and as a population of idiots and the insane. There is even a post where the faces of the leaders in the Ukraine had their faces used as pig testicles. Lisista defended herself by saying that she was just exercising her right to Freedom of Speech, while the Symphony orchestra says that she went too far. This is just another example of hate speech not just on college campuses but one that was posted on social media by an artist which happens to be very popular in this day and age. We see the effects that these comments can have on society.

Image included: Midget, A. (2015, April 9). Free speech or hate speech? Lisitsa and the TSO. Retrieved April 21, 2015, from http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/style/wp/2015/04/09/my-bloody-valentina/


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