Hate Speech Versus Freedom of Speech

A minister named Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida was subject to entering the discussion of hate crimes as he pushes his personal opinion in church. Jones was making it clear that he would use violence against Muslims and was suggesting his followers that they should do the same. According to the First Amendment you cannot directly depict hatred of another person or race it violates the Freedom of Speech laws. The author begins to say ” As the famed German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine put it, “first they burn the books, then they burn the people.” Hamod was stating that the holocaust and segregation of Jews wasn’t done just by Hitler but the people we added fuel to the fire. So for Terry Jones , that is exactly what he has done. Jones also protest to his people his desire to burn Qur’ans . This is also against the law because it could show to Muslims that we have no concern for their religion and could put many in danger of being hated from others because of his actions.

citation: Hamod, Sam ( 2010 september 10) Hate Speech Versus Freedom of Speech . Retrieved ( 21 April 2015) from http://www.opednews.com/articles/Hate-Speech-Versus-Freedom-by-Prof-Sam-Hamod-100910-628.html


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