The word Nig*** defensive depending on context?

Rob Carmona is a New York city business owner who got sued for sexual harassment. His employer Brandi Johnson accused him of sexually harassing her and other employees. This case didn’t make it to the national headlines until Johnson recorded Carmona saying “You and her are very bright … but y’all act like niggers … seriously.” Due to this recording the judge awarded Johnson $280,000 for damages.

This lawsuit raised the question as of why the N word cannot be used even though some african americans use it among themselves.

In the case of Johnson vs Carmona, the judge rules in favor of Johnson and took in consideration Carmona calling Johnson the word even though they are both African American.

Demby, G. (2013, September 6). Who Can Use The N-Word? That’s The Wrong Question. Retrieved April 26, 2015, from


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