Dustin’s Reflection

This assignment has taught me the importance of knowing our individual rights and freedoms. I learned that just because something is unethical or insulting it can still be allowed by law. For example, racial slurs can cause someone to feel less about themselves or their heritage, but the one saying the racial slur is protected by the First Amendment. In the case with the Smith College panel, which was talked about in the article I posted titled, “ ‘FIRE’s’ response to Smith College’s panel” the racial slur wasn’t even went to be insulting, but Wendy Kaminer still took backlash for saying the “N-word”. Other posts I posted dealing with the issue include “Lonny Rae and Freedom of Speech“, “State vs. Read: Malicious Harassment“, “Sheldon H. Nahmod: Breakdown of the Constitution, Free Speech and Hate Speach“.


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