Meiquel’s Reflection

I feel that this was a great project to get reacquainted with the first amendment. We cover the Bill of Rights often in our history class rooms, but to really dissect the first amendment and understand how it works was very informative. By taking articles that represent a part of the first amendment was a perfect way to see how people can be affected by “Freedom of Speech” . If I could describe this overall assignment in one word, that word would be perspective. I ran across the idea of perspective multiple times during this assignment. Everyone has different perspectives and I feel it is important that we acknowledge it, we may not understand or respect it, but acknowledge it. I feel that this is where the first amendment comes in to play because it creates certain “rules” or guidelines that we should follow especially in situations of conflict. In addition, I feel that people should really think before they speak especially on certain platforms. I believe certain opinions, thoughts, and views should be spoken where it seems fitting or appropriate. Again, it all falls back into the idea of perspective…everyone has one.

List of Articles:


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