Freedom of speech vs. hate speech

AccusationIn this article at a Long wood college campus chants , nooses , and racial slurs were posted on a bulletin board for everyone to see.  Even though this is wrong and clearly a little offensive ,“It is really hard to differentiate between hate speech and free speech,” said Longwood Director of Citizen Leadership and social justice education Jonathan Page. We cant be racist to other races but that doesn’t mean that we can stop someone from saying it. The law clearly states that governing bodies have the right to exclude somethings as freedom of speech.Page brought up the factor of discriminating/fighting words. The Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, U.S. Supreme Court case of 1942, created a ‘fighting words doctrine.’ It says “words, which would likely make the person whom they are addressed, commit an act of violence are not shielded by the First Amendment.” But still to this day it has not been clarified list of “fighting words” . Even though the campus policies don’t promote the discrimination of one single race or person doesn’t mean someone is going to do it or they might not find it offensive. Remember it is always good to respond to these speeches in a formal matter bringing attention to it rather then reacting in a malicious manner.

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Hate Speech Versus Freedom of Speech

A minister named Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida was subject to entering the discussion of hate crimes as he pushes his personal opinion in church. Jones was making it clear that he would use violence against Muslims and was suggesting his followers that they should do the same. According to the First Amendment you cannot directly depict hatred of another person or race it violates the Freedom of Speech laws. The author begins to say ” As the famed German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine put it, “first they burn the books, then they burn the people.” Hamod was stating that the holocaust and segregation of Jews wasn’t done just by Hitler but the people we added fuel to the fire. So for Terry Jones , that is exactly what he has done. Jones also protest to his people his desire to burn Qur’ans . This is also against the law because it could show to Muslims that we have no concern for their religion and could put many in danger of being hated from others because of his actions.

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Hate Speech Hypocrites

muslims-carrying-banners-declaring-islam-will-dominate-the-world-protest-at-the-visit-of-mr-wilders-to-the-ukThere has been an ongoing characterization of all non-white races in America. Mostly from Muslims , who are looked upon as terrorist, and blacks who are looked up as causing too many hate crimes.  In this article it talks about how those characterizations are violating the laws against hate speeches. Upset also by a video made by anti-Muslims , Muslim leaders would eventually want these laws enforced.  At a U.N meeting in February , Muslims lobbied for tighter censorship , causing Egypt president to add that freedom of speech shouldn’t be paired with comments to directing insult a specific group because of others mistakes. President Obama was protecting the video in a defense of freedom of speech and he had Switzerland’s president backing him up stating that “Freedom of opinion and of expression are ore values guaranteed universally that must be protected.” Basically stating that is doesn’t matter if someone is directly discriminating against somebody violating laws because freedom of speech is guaranteed. Just remember this debate for recreation isn’t a crisis but is a ever growing process towards all around unification in the world. Waking up the people to the fact that just because we have the right to freedom of speech doesn’t mean we can express hate deliberately.

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Freedom of Speech Vs Hate Speech

55091e437764d.imageThere has been a number of controversial events stemming from hate speeches on college campuses from nooses to racial fliers on bulletin boards. All of these issues listed would be damaging to a college’s culture. It is hard for professionals to try to find the balance between fighting racism and freedom of speech. “U.S. law clearly states free speech is not absolute. Governing bodies have the right to recognize certain categories of free speech as excluded from the freedom”(Lyles). Words or phrases that ignite violence after being used are not protected by Freedom of Speech. There are a list of “fighting words” that are said to be associated with hate speech, however these fighting words are based on interpretation. It is important that people understand that some words hold a lot of power. Certain language has negative connotations and it is important that we as a society recognize that and are aware that these words can be threatening. Director of Residents Life and Residential and Commuter Life Josh Blakely thinks that regardless, it’s the responsibility of people who don’t like or agree with what’s being said to respond to it, he added, “I always heard growing up ‘free speech isn’t free,’ it comes with responsibility”(Lyles.)

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Hate Speech or Freedom of Speech?

imrs.phpEarlier this month, pianist Valentina Lisista was scheduled to perform at the Rachmaninoff 2nd concerto with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. However, her performance was canceled due to a post the artist had made on her twitter account. She is said to have made a deeply offensive comment regarding the ongoing conflict in her native the Ukraine. Lists is on the side of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians who represent the majority in the Crimea. She along with others that stands on the side that she represents oppose the current Ukrainian leadership. Her posts on Twitter characterize Ukrainians as Nazis and as a population of idiots and the insane. There is even a post where the faces of the leaders in the Ukraine had their faces used as pig testicles. Lisista defended herself by saying that she was just exercising her right to Freedom of Speech, while the Symphony orchestra says that she went too far. This is just another example of hate speech not just on college campuses but one that was posted on social media by an artist which happens to be very popular in this day and age. We see the effects that these comments can have on society.

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University of Maryland in Conflict Evolving from U. of Oklahoma Scandal.

One of the members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at the University of Maryland was suspended after one of the emails he had sent one year earlier was released. The email contained very explicit language, calling African Americans by the N word and mocking other girls because of their looks.

Even though this email was sent one year ago, it still caught the President of the University’s attention due to the scandal at Oklahoma University.

According to the article by the website these issues are raising questions about how far can university’s administrations can punish a student for racist comments without violating their first amendment.

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University of Oklahoma Expelled Students Against First Amendment

Some members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the university of Oklahoma were overheard chanting the phrases ”

“There will never be a nigger at SAE
There will never be a nigger at SAE
You can hang him from a tree
But he’ll never sign with me
There will never be a nigger at SAE”

This eventually got to the President of the University and he expelled two students.

This article questions the authority of the President towards expelling students under the right of the students of freedom of speech.

According to the article by The Washington Post racist speech is constitutional protected however if the speech turns out to be violent and puts another person in danger then it might be an exception to the first amendment.

On the case of the students, the president of the university argued that they were being expelled for poor leadership and creating a hostile environment on campus.

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