Daquans Reflection

From this project I have learned about freedom of speech way more than i would have thought before. This experience has allowed me to use articles from different perspectives to see how the First Amendment has affected our rights. Somethings seem unjust to a lot of people, from Blacks and Hispanics having the double standard to Muslims being looked at a certain way because of how they look. Every one is entitled to their own opinion and i believe as a nation it is our duty to uphold that standard of the First Amendment. By us being able to speak freely we can all see things from different angles to allow room for possible change and communication will grow better.


Meiquel’s Reflection

I feel that this was a great project to get reacquainted with the first amendment. We cover the Bill of Rights often in our history class rooms, but to really dissect the first amendment and understand how it works was very informative. By taking articles that represent a part of the first amendment was a perfect way to see how people can be affected by “Freedom of Speech” . If I could describe this overall assignment in one word, that word would be perspective. I ran across the idea of perspective multiple times during this assignment. Everyone has different perspectives and I feel it is important that we acknowledge it, we may not understand or respect it, but acknowledge it. I feel that this is where the first amendment comes in to play because it creates certain “rules” or guidelines that we should follow especially in situations of conflict. In addition, I feel that people should really think before they speak especially on certain platforms. I believe certain opinions, thoughts, and views should be spoken where it seems fitting or appropriate. Again, it all falls back into the idea of perspective…everyone has one.

List of Articles:


Yerling’s reflection

This assignment has thought me how cautious you need to be with the words you use. I was surprised to see how the newspapers would clarify that they were using a certain word for the purpose of the article. This made me realize that it is always good to be cautious and to clarify because even though we all have the freedom of speech there are certain words that can be offensive and therefor you may be breaking the law without realizing it.

I also learned more on how to protect myself from being a victim of abusive speech. Just because we have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean someone can hurt me; when something like that happens then I could be protected under the first amendment and use my rights appropriately.

Here’s the list of my articles:

1. https://sp15groupdfirstamendment.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/freedom-of-speech-questioned-at-smiths-college/



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Dustin’s Reflection

This assignment has taught me the importance of knowing our individual rights and freedoms. I learned that just because something is unethical or insulting it can still be allowed by law. For example, racial slurs can cause someone to feel less about themselves or their heritage, but the one saying the racial slur is protected by the First Amendment. In the case with the Smith College panel, which was talked about in the article I posted titled, “ ‘FIRE’s’ response to Smith College’s panel” the racial slur wasn’t even went to be insulting, but Wendy Kaminer still took backlash for saying the “N-word”. Other posts I posted dealing with the issue include “Lonny Rae and Freedom of Speech“, “State vs. Read: Malicious Harassment“, “Sheldon H. Nahmod: Breakdown of the Constitution, Free Speech and Hate Speach“.