About Daquan Turner

B72Fn76IMAAB5GSHi , my name is Daquan Turner and I am nineteen years old. My original birthplace is St.Joesph,Missouri but I was raised in Carson,California. I am currently enrolled in Cerritos College to earn my AA Degree in hopes of transferring after my sophomore year. My major is somewhat undecided but for the most part I want to be in the education field. I love writing stories, music, and working out. My goals for this class are to pick up good communication skills and learn about the depth history of mass media. I am looking forward to eventually writing a novel of my own and i feel this class as well as many others will help me achieve my goal.


About Yerling…

293093_10151655901866970_1760329235_nI was born and raised in El Salvador and moved to this country when I was only twelve. I’m currently a communications student at Cerritos College, member of the Honor Society PHI THETA KAPPA, and during my free time I love to go to the gym, read books, and I also love to write love poems in Spanish.

I am hoping to get my AA with emphasis in communications this semester. I’m taking journalism because I wanted to explore the mass communication area  and learn a little bit about how humans behave in the mass media.

About Meiquel!

20150119_183918Hello, my name is Meiquel Mitchell. I am a student at Cerritos College, studying communications. I am currently working on my AST and hoping to transfer to CalState Long Beach around this time next year. I am taking Journalism 100 because it is not only a transfer requirement, but it also ties in with communications. My goals for this class are to study the seven forms of media; newspapers, magazines, books, television, radio, movies, and music, and thoroughly understand how these concepts apply to media today.

About Dustin Dunavan


I am 19 years old and I was born and raised in Bellflower, CA. The 2015 Fall Spring Semester is my fourth semester at Cerritos College. Since I began attending Cerritos College, back in 2013, I have found a deep love for history. Because of this love, I have decided to pursue a bachelors  degree in history. I plan to, one day, teach history at a community college level. This year, I decided to take Journalism 100 to get a better understanding of the subject from a history point of view. Apart from my studies at Cerritos College, I enjoy hiking, traveling, visiting with friends and family, and reading.